Infinix Note 30 Series With 5,000mAh Battery Launched; Note 30 5G Coming to India in June



Infinix, the renowned smartphone manufacturer, has recently unveiled its latest Note 30 series, comprising the Infinix Note 30 and the highly anticipated Infinix Note 30 5G variant. With an impressive 5,000mAh battery capacity and a host of other exciting features, the Note 30 series is set to redefine the mid-range smartphone segment. This blog post will delve into the key highlights of the Infinix Note 30 series and shed light on the upcoming launch of the Note 30 5G in India this June.

  1. Powerful Performance and Connectivity

The Infinix Note 30 series boasts powerful performance and connectivity features that are bound to impress smartphone enthusiasts. The standard Note 30 model is equipped with an octa-core processor, while the Note 30 5G variant takes it a step further with the inclusion of 5G connectivity, ensuring lightning-fast internet speeds and seamless browsing, streaming, and gaming experiences.

  1. Stunning Display and Design

Both the Infinix Note 30 and Note 30 5G feature large displays that provide immersive viewing experiences. The devices sport a sizable 6.8-inch IPS LCD display with a high resolution, ensuring vibrant colors and sharp visuals. The slim bezels and sleek design make the Note 30 series visually appealing and comfortable to hold.

  1. Long-Lasting Battery Life

One of the standout features of the Infinix Note 30 series is the impressive 5,000mAh battery capacity. This generous battery size ensures prolonged usage without the need for frequent recharging. Whether you are a heavy user or someone who relies on their smartphone for extended periods, the Note 30 series has you covered.

  1. Outstanding Camera Capabilities

Photography enthusiasts will appreciate the camera capabilities of the Infinix Note 30 series. The devices feature a versatile camera setup, with the Note 30 boasting a quad-camera configuration and the Note 30 5G incorporating an upgraded camera system. The primary camera captures stunning details and vibrant colors, while the ultra-wide-angle lens allows for expansive shots. Additionally, the devices come equipped with AI-enhanced features that optimize image quality and enhance the overall photography experience.

  1. Enhanced User Experience and Software

The Infinix Note 30 series runs on the latest Android operating system, offering users access to the most up-to-date features and improvements. Infinix’s custom user interface, XOS, enhances the overall user experience by providing a clean and intuitive interface, along with various customization options. The Note 30 series also offers ample storage space, allowing users to store a large number of apps, files, and media.

  1. Launching of Note 30 5G in India

Infinix is all set to bring the Note 30 5G variant to the Indian market in June. The arrival of the Note 30 5G is expected to create a buzz among smartphone enthusiasts, especially those who seek high-speed connectivity and advanced features at an affordable price point. Indian consumers can look forward to experiencing the power of 5G and enjoying seamless connectivity on the Infinix Note 30 5G.


The Infinix Note 30 series, with its powerful performance, stunning display, long-lasting battery life, and outstanding camera capabilities, offers a compelling package in the mid-range smartphone segment. The impending launch of the Infinix Note 30 5G in India further enhances the appeal of the series, providing users with access to blazing-fast internet speeds and a host of advanced features. As the release date approaches, smartphone enthusiasts in India eagerly await the arrival of the Note 30 5G, anticipating a stellar addition to Infinix’s smartphone lineup.

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